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Rules - read before posting.

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1 Rules - read before posting. on Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:04 pm


Forum Guidelines
We take pride in keeping our message boards respectful, pleasant, and enjoyable for all of our players. Please read the following guidelines before posting.

1} Self-Promotion is Spam
      All posts are read by our administration and moderation team. If we catch questionable content, it will immediately be edited or removed for further investigation. While you are allowed to post links to a domain you use (tumblr, blogspot, etc.), you are not permitted to post links to sites you run or otherwise make money off of. In addition, users are not permitted to post any kind of affiliate program link with referrer IDs. Repeat violators who post promotional content will be banned.

2} Language and Trolling
      While colorful language is allowed on these forums, any form of hate-speech will not be tolerated. Do not discriminate against anyone else because of their skin color, gender, religion, or otherwise. Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned.

3} Personal Attacks
      In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere, no personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults. There is a difference between a passionate, respectful discussion and one that goes into personal matters. Think of it as debating issues, not individuals. When the line is crossed, the discussion may be closed by the moderation team. Violators will be warned and potentially banned.

4} Moderators and Administrators Have the Final Word
      If you have a problem or a complaint, direct it to the administrators and/or moderators, not to the boards. The appropriate actions will be taken. We reserve the right to ban flagrant offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning.

5} Cross-Posting | Double Posting
      If you have something to post and you're not sure which board it belongs in, do not post it in more than one board. If the administrators or moderators think it would fit better in another location, it will be moved there. Duplicate threads only serve to create confusion. Double posting will also not be tolerated, this includes posting information which could be in 1 post, in multiple posts. Use the "edit" button to edit your messages into one post unless replying to another comment or bumping a post (see Post-Bumping). Misuse of this rule in order to 'raise post count' will result in an account suspension.

6} Post-Bumping
      If you want to bump a post in a support forum, this can only be done once every 24 hours. Any questions? Message a moderator or an administrator.

7} Signature Rules
      A typical signature contains the poster's name, favorite quote or saying, and/or a piece of graphical artwork. Excessive font size is not allowed. Anyone abusing this privilege will be warned and then have their signature removed until they acknowledge this guideline.

8} Multiple Accounts Per Individual Are Not Permitted
      If you forget your password, use the password recovery tool, in which case you will be able to reset your password, given that you have access to the e-mail associated with your account. If you are still unable to login, contact the administrator.


For staff members:

9} Deletion of Administrative/Moderative Posts
      This act of deleting our posts is strictly forbidden, we post for a reason. We monitor actions from all users and we would appreciate our posts to remain on the forum. This is going directly to our moderation staff, support staff, and development team. Further action will be taken from breaking this rule.

Again, please follow the above guidelines when posting on our message boards. If you have any questions, please contact us. Above all, remember to enjoy your time on our forums.


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